Neoskill is a training consultancy, specialising in providing customised business to business training services.

Neoskill provide high quality training solutions whilst maintaining flexibility within our clients’ training needs. Our motto, “Development Through Quality Training”, is proven by the way in which we customise, design, develop, and deliver training, specific to each organisation’s requirements. All our training is client-centric, and to ensure training continuity Neoskill employ a large team of permanent trainers, allowing flexibility, consistency and improved client engagements.

Incorporated in 1997, Neoskill has trained many blue-chip organisations. Our portfolio of clients include: Credit Suisse, the National Health Service (NHS), Reuters, Cisco Systems, Mazda, AstraZeneca, Santander, British Telecom, London School of Economics and The Science Museum Group.

Examples of our training projects include:

  • Soft skills for employee development
  • Internal business processes
  • Company overview
  • Effectiveness at work
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • In-house system tools

Our client list, consisting of multiple industry disciplines, is testimony to our adaptive skills in the training arena.


Why us?

Neoskill offers ‘peace of mind’ for our clients. We pride ourselves in providing flexible, affordable and high quality training solutions.

  • Availability – Neoskill have the ability to meet client diary requirements.
  • Scalability – Extra trainers can be assigned to expanding projects.
  • Consistency – Neoskill trainers undergo internal training for a minimum of 6 months, ensuring consistently high quality delivery.
  • Seamless – Multiple trainers are assigned to each project to cover for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Quality – Our motto “Development Through Quality Training” is achieved by frequent evaluations.
  • Affordability – All prices are competitive and provide clients with a training team.
  • Flexibility – Neoskill can provide multiple solutions, training teams and flexible diaries to meet client needs.
  • Continuity – Becoming familiar with client processes allows easier execution of future projects.
  • Online – Neoskill provide free online tools, to aid clients with training delivery and scheduling.