Achieving business continuity with online learning

The current health crisis is putting a spotlight on businesses worldwide with how they’re supporting their employees. Times of uncertainty can be difficult to navigate through, especially when adapting to remote working environments and finding ways to create workplace continuity.

Remote working may be the norm for some companies, but for others the premise is unfamiliar. A fundamental method in overcoming the geographical distance of employees is through online learning. Online learning can be delivered in several formats, making corporate upskilling more accessible. Two of the most used methods are E-learnings and Virtual Instructor Led Learning (VILT). These are online packages used for self-paced learning and live online training with an instructor delivering the session, respectively. Both approaches offer similar advantages such as the ability to train large numbers of people working remotely, trackable learning and reduced costs.

Almost any subject matter can be designed to produce an effective online learning session. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that delivering quality online learning experiences requires entirely different skills to traditional training techniques. Therefore, qualified online trainers are essential to benefit from online courses.

VILT courses are arguably the most favoured medium for online learning because trainers are able to manage discussions and questions live. Opting for instructor led sessions allows collaboration between peers and the trainer, due to numerous web conferencing features available. Plus, the risk of distractions are kept to a minimum as frequent interactive activities help to keep learners engaged.

Neoskill is experienced with providing clients with remote working solutions, having been delivering training for over 20 years throughout the UK and internationally. Specialising in both VILT courses and E-learnings, our dedicated trainers design and deliver training to suit your company requirements; covering internal business processes to build on existing company knowledge, as well as soft skill courses that help improve work effectiveness.

We can support you with providing learning and development solutions for your team. Adapting to working from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on employee development. To find out more or to discuss our customised training solutions please contact us via