Businesses need Emotional Intelligence skills

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in business and the future of the workplace will be dependent on enhancing these skills. Emotional Intelligence is a soft skill that’s fast becoming the new ‘smart’.

Soft skills are varied and include creativity, teamwork, adaptability, communication and becoming emotionally intelligent. Technical skills, or hard skills, are important for specific job roles, however technical skills alone will hold employees back from reaching their full potential if they do not have good interpersonal skills.

LinkedIn created a list of skills most needed by companies for 2020. The research was based on “identifying the skills in high demand on LinkedIn profiles of people who are getting hired at the highest rates”. Emotional intelligence was in the top 5 soft skills that companies were looking for.

Being emotionally intelligent gives an individual the ability to use emotions to their advantage in order to adapt their thoughts and behaviour efficiently and level-headedly. Emotional intelligence gives you the ability to handle relationships effectively, at work and in your personal life. Despite the growth of technology in the workplace, clients will always want human interaction. Developing soft skills and becoming emotionally intelligent allows individuals to be able to communicate better, understand their own emotions and be able to manage others’ emotions.

Neoskill has created a ‘Well-Being’ series for corporate clients and the first course is available now: “Developing Your Emotional Intelligence”.

Neoskill trainers have been delivering this course to UK and international clients, which has consistently received fantastic feedback. This course, as with all our training courses, is delivered both live, online and face to face, ensuring that our training is available and accessible to all learners.

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