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AI: Benefits Corporate Learning

Investing in AI for L&D departments is crucial for organisations that want to prosper, as it can be a helpful assistant in the corporate learning process.

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Golden Weighing Scales Holding Stars With Quality Over Quantity Quote On A Black Surface and Grey Background

Rethinking L&D: Quality over Quantity

One prevailing trend in L&D is the pursuit of large-scale solutions. The emphasis on reaching a large audience frequently results in generic content creation that employees find disconnected from their immediate needs. Adopting a more selective and contextual mindset benefits L&D initiatives in several ways…

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Multicultural Team Applauding A Team Member for Their Good Work On A Successful Completion Of A Project

Strengths-Based Work Culture

[…] a strengths-based approach is all about recognising and utilising unique talents and the abilities of individuals within the organisation to create a productive and customer-centric workplace. […] The most effective way to achieve this is by upskilling managers and leadership, who can then pass on their knowledge to their teams and ultimately present it to the customer.

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