Web-based Training

Live training can be delivered online using web-based software from a remote location. The trainees can be in any location where they can use the software and have access to a laptop and phone.

The training is delivered live by one of Neoskill’s experienced permanent trainers, who will interact and answer the trainees questions during the training session. Some of the benefits of our web-based training include:

  • Cost effective – No logistics costs for travel, meeting rooms, accommodation and catering. Trainees can attend the web-based training and then continue with their daily routine following the session.
  • Worldwide accessibility – Local and global reach for organisations wishing to train and upskill employees.
  • Scalability – Can be used for large training sessions and specific team training sessions.
  • Availability – Trainer available to provide answers to questions and clarify issues in real-time during the live sessions.
  • Engagement – Enhanced trainee engagement by utilising a variety of interactive techniques such as discussions, workbook exercises and videos.

The time and cost savings associated with web-based delivery has made this a preferred training delivery method with many of our clients and can often form part of a blended learning solution.

To enquire about our web-based training, please contact us.


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