CRM Marketing Case Study


A US client wanted their business partners to more efficiently market their products and services to the end customer, using a newly acquired marketing software. Following training development for US partners, the training was to be rolled out globally.

Training Requirement

To design, develop and deliver customised training for the clients’ partners then adapt training for users in regions, globally. The client acquired a new marketing software that was to be utilised by the partners in tandem with the client’s marketing departments. A specific training course was required to customise use of the new software and train all business partners.

The training goal was to improve communication and marketing of products from the client’s business partners to the end customer.

Training Development

In conjunction with the requirements of marketing, Neoskill designed, developed and delivered the course for the new software for the US partners.

This software was new to Neoskill and trainers were required to learn the software, how the client used this and how the client wanted to communicate use of the software to their partners.  This involved understanding the software and the business processes of the marketing department prior to the development of the customised training.

Training Delivery

As initially, the partners were US based training was developed for live delivery using Webex. This allowed for upto 100 attendees per session from various locations within USA.

Due to successful training development and delivery in the US, the client then instructed Neoskill to deliver the training to partners globally.

Course duration 1.5 hours and included associated quizzes, polling questions, training screnshots of the software system in localized languages (12 languages in total), simulations for ‘hands-on’ experience and practice. Training was delivered in English.

Email support is provided post training for all attendees from the trainer.

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