CRM Sales Case Study


Global client with over 20000 CRM users worldwide.

Training Requirement

To develop and deliver training for all levels of users in various regions. This client’s CRM training is mandatory for all sales employees. Training is available to all employees who wish to enhance or update their knowledge of their CRM and are encouraged to attend the courses as many times as necessary.

Training Development

In relation to the management’s requirements, Neoskill identified the need for 5 Courses. The courses have been developed to cater for varying levels of understanding and general use of the CRM system. The mandatory nature of the training specified areas of understanding that all employees must undertake.

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline & Forecasting
  • Accounts Planning
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Sales Quoting & Pricing

The courses were developed to incorporate monthly updates and changes, as necessary.

Training Delivery

Each CRM course was developed for live delivery using web-based software (in this case Webex). This allowed for upto 100 attendees per session from various locations.

Delivery of each specific course was adapted for the global region and updates applied for each session as necessary. Course duration 2 hours maximum, including CRM simulations, quizzes and live interactive discussions with attendees and trainer.

Email support is provided post training for all attendees from the trainer.