Motivational Training Case Study


A multinational corporation has undertaken Neoskill’s training experience to deliver motivational training. The aim is to improve their employees’ effectiveness.

Training Requirement

To deliver training for client employees in order to develop their effectiveness skills. Training is available to all employees who wish to enhance these skills and develop the knowledge of using them in their work life as well as in their personal life.

Training Development

The client management’s requirements are to train as many employees as possible using face-to-face training. Due to some logistical restrictions, Neoskill have also adapted the course for web-based delivery.

Training Delivery

Each live face-to-face course is delivered to classes of upto 20 attendees and incorporates videos, exercises, quizzes and course manuals. Due to the motivational aspect of the course there are lively discussions and personal revelations.

The course has been adapted by Neoskill to be delivered via Webex, where necessary. Each course required careful planning and the adaptation was developed knowing that each element for discussion in the course was not altered. The Webex course has allowed for more attendees without the logistics of travel and reduced the time away from daily work duties.

Email support is provided, post-training, for all attendees from the trainer.