New Hire Training Case Study


A global client runs mandatory New Hire Training courses every two months.

Neoskill train part of the New Hire Training, specifically related to the company’s CRM system.

Training Requirement

To deliver training for all New Hires for the CRM system. Provide an overview of how the company uses CRM and provide an introduction to basic CRM elements essential for all New Hires, globally.

Training Development

Neoskill trainers partake in the overall New Hire Training and liaise with the other presenters to produce a flowing New Hire training course. The course is mandatory for all new employees of the client company, worldwide. Each area of the New Hire Training is to provide an introduction and overview of the systems and workings of the company.

Neoskill design, develop and deliver the course for the CRM element of the New Hire Training. This is then followed up in more detail with specific CRM courses delivered each month.

Training Delivery

The New Hire Training is delivered using Telepresence – virtual video conferencing tool.

Live training is delivered globally using the virtual software which is used to access many New Hires from different locations.

Course duration 2 hours and live delivery gives the attendees the opportunity to ask questions to enhance their understanding. Training was delivered in English to multiple countries.

Follow up support for the New Hires for CRM training is provided with monthly advanced training courses for specific areas of their CRM needs.