Welcome 2020 and the new decade

As we say ‘hello’ to 2020, Neoskill are proud to report another a year of growth and expansion throughout 2019. A huge “thank you” goes to our clients who have fuelled the success of Neoskill. We have provided training solutions for multiple projects and different clients, some of whom have recommended our customised training solutions to colleagues and friends. These recommendations and repeat business has allowed for growth in revenue and an expansion of our client base.

Neoskill’s year-on-year growth has also been due to the fantastic work of all of our staff: sales team, training team, developers and back office. Each team member contributing hugely to our successes by working to develop easy-to-understand, practical courses, delivered to a high standard and providing great customer service to our clients.

2020 is set to be another great year for Neoskill as we strive to further increase our efforts to provide value for money, customised training solutions to our clients, new and existing. Having been in the training arena for over 22 years, Neoskill’s experience goes a long way in providing a consistently high level of training consultancy and quality training delivery that our clients require.

The launch of our “Developing your Emotional Intelligence” course in the last quarter of 2019, saw the beginning of our ‘well-being’ series of training for corporate clients. In 2020, Neoskill will be adding to our suite of in-house training courses. These will focus on improving the way in which employees work: internally, with colleagues, and externally, with customers and partners.

The Neoskill team are looking forward to an exciting 2020 and an even ‘bigger and better’ decade ahead.

To find out more about Neoskill training solutions, customised to meet your requirements, contact us: https://www.neoskill.com/contact/