Neoskill’s customised e-learnings are an important aspect of Neoskill’s success in training and course material retention. This training medium means that course material can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and at any pace.

Neoskill e-learnings can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As standalone training material
  • Adapted as course material for training via web conferencing
  • For clients to follow-on from instructor-led training courses
  • As part of a blended learning methodology
  • As an invaluable reference tool

Neoskill e-learnings are customised for each client for their individualised training needs. Some of the benefits of our e-learnings include:

  • Cost effective – One single cost for training that can be used as many times as required.
  • Accessible – Incorporated effortlessly into normal working schedules.
  • Time efficient – Users learn at their own pace.
  • Multiple users – No limit on number of users accessing the material.
  • Simulation material – Trainees can navigate around IT systems in a safe environment before using live systems.

To enquire about our e-learnings, please contact us.


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