E-Learning Case Study


One of our clients wanted to develop a Back to Basics training for their business partners.

The training goal was to develop training that could be used repeatedly by existing and new business partners of a large corporation to communicate a basic understanding of the workings of the company.

Training Requirement

To design, develop and deliver customised training for the clients’ partners that could be used repeatedly as a resource. The client wanted it’s partners to formally understand the full process a sales order would follow, from booking stage to invoicing. With the advent of acquiring new partners frequently a standard was required by the client company.

Training Development

Neoskill trainers discussed the training requirements in depth with the client and together decided on a training solution: to produce an e-learning package.

The material was unlikely to change in the foreseeable future and the expected standards were to be communicated to all new and existing partners. There was no need for a formal training course and the training could therefore be taken at any time and any place at the trainees own pace.

Neoskill’s e-learning development team worked with our trainers to design and develop a series of modules to cover the basic standards for the client’s partners.

Training Delivery

Six e-learning modules were developed to form the e-learning package. These modules, each 30 minutes in duration, were uploaded onto the client’s LMS to allow their partners access. The LMS also allowed statistics to be drawn from the use of the e-learning series.

The e-learning modules included quizzes, animations and simulations. The quizzes allowed the client’s to evaluate the understanding of the partners that were using the e-learning series.

The clients were pleased that for a one time cost of designing and developing the series, over 1000 users had accessed and used the e-learning package.

Follow on e-learning modules were developed for this client for other areas of their business. Neoskill went on to develop an e-learning package for the same client that we translated into 26 different languages for the client to use globally!

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