Emotional Intelligence Case Study


As part of their leadership training programme, one of our international clients required emotional intelligence training. The leader’s team recognised that emotional intelligence played an integral role in team dynamics.

Training Requirement

To deliver training to leaders and equip them with knowledge about emotional intelligence. This included understanding the importance of being emotionally intelligent and techniques to help build stronger and cohesive teams.

Training Development

Our “Developing Your Emotional Intelligence” course was customised to resonate directly with the leader’s team and included specific issues the team faced. Meetings were set up with leaders to understand the team’s issues and these were incorporated into the training. Anonymous questionnaires were completed by the team, in advance of the training, which included specific training issues the leaders faced. The same course was adapted to be delivered to all the team members as an online delivery.

Training Delivery

The customised leader’s course was delivered face-to-face in the USA with 18 leaders attending this one-day training. The issues uncovered using questionnaires were addressed using emotional intelligence techniques during the live training. Discussions, breakout sessions and videos all formed part of the interactive training.

To ensure that the whole team was introduced to the emotional intelligence strategies and team building techniques, the EI course was adapted for online training and all 300 team members attended the training sessions over the course of 1 month.

Workable Action plans were provided as part of the post-training resources.

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